Conversations with my girl – Sunday baptisms


We’re all in the car driving out of the church car park and heading to a large conference centre for some baptisms that were planned after the service. As the baptisms were taking place in a swimming pool the church planned a family fun day at the same time so that the children could all go swimming too.

“I so excited to go swimming in the special swimming pool, Mummy.”
“I know you are, Darling. You haven’t stopped talking about it all day!” I give my husband a sideways look. We both laugh.
“Although, Sweetheart, you won’t be able to go swimming straight away.”
“Because there are some people that are going to be baptised…er…” I struggle to work out how to explain baptisms to a four year old so my husband interjects.
“There are some people who are going to get in the swimming pool first because they want to tell Jesus and everybody else that they love Him so much and are really thankful that He loves them too.” Gosh, I’m grateful for his straight forward way of explaining things!
“Oh.” She says. “Mummy?”
“When I a grown nut I want to be bap…… er?”
“Do you mean baptised?”
At this point we’re feeling so emotional that she would want to make such a public declaration like that.
“Oh Darling that’s lovely. Why do you want to be baptised?”
“Because then I get to go swimming first!”
Can’t stop laughing! ūüėÄ


Easter Fun 2014!

It's been a smashing Easter!

It’s been a smashing Easter!

Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! I do realise there is a lot more to Easter than that, but we’ve certainly had enough chocolate today to¬†last us the rest of the year!

It’s the first year that our daughter has had an idea of what to expect from Easter. She’s not quite of an age to understand the death and resurrection of Jesus but she was very excited about all her chocolate Easter eggs, making Easter Cake, going on an Easter Egg hunt and rolling some eggs she’d decorated last week!

Ready for rolling

Ready for rolling

We started¬†the day by going to church. We had a churches together open air service in town this morning. Mairi called it ‘Party Church’ because it was where we went yesterday for the ‘Easter Party’, but the party did continue in her mind¬†because she got another balloon and got to dance to more music! She was also excited to see a couple of her friends who¬†she’d made some Easter Cakes for earlier this week.

mairi and cakes

Easter cakes ready to give to friends


Egg rolling in action












When we got home it was time for some egg rolling. It took a few goes to get the eggs cracked, but once they were she was very excited to have them for her lunch.

Whilst the lamb was roasting in the oven, we had an Easter Egg hunt in the living room (it was beginning to get a bit cold outside!)


Adding the finishing touches to the Easter Cake

Our yummy Easter Cake

Our yummy Easter Cake

We finished off the day with a surprise visit from Aunty Bethany, Uncle Andy and Jacob  and sharing our Easter Cake with them.


Easter Hope Festival

We had a fantastic time in Lancaster today celebrating Easter at the Hope Festival in Dalton Square. We drove past the square before finding somewhere to park and our daughter was so excited to see all the tents and balloons and asked if we could go to the ‘Easter Party’!

Mark Stevens Band

Mark Stevens Band

It was a perfect day to be out in the sun shine and there was so much to see and do. As soon as we arrived Mairi was offered a balloon (to be honest I think that was the only reason she wanted to go!) and as it was lunchtime we queued up for the barbecue listening to the live band as we waited.

Singing along to the band as we waited for our burgers.

Singing along to the band as we waited for our burgers.

There was a puppet show for the children as well as face painting and Henna Tattoos. ¬†Mairi wasn’t interested in face painting but enjoyed the puppet show and the chocolate cake!

Enjoying the puppet show (even if the sun is in her eyes!)

Enjoying the puppet show (even if the sun is in her eyes!)


Thank you to all the Lancaster churches for putting on such a fantastic event yet again – we’re looking forward to next year already!


All things work together for good…


I’ve said it once before and I’ll say it again, it can take a miracle to get our family on a holiday and this one is no exception. I am currently sat here in our tent on a lovely mild summer’s evening looking forward to a long weekend in Lincolnshire with other families from our church.

This was completely unexpected as less than a week ago our family holiday was cut short and it didn’t look like we were going to be able to get away at all this summer. But due to unforeseen circumstances another family in our church were unable to make it to the ‘One Event’ and blessed us with their tickets.

It could be so easy to look at a lot of the negatives from this week, but the fact is there are so many positives too!


My daughter dancing with new friends she's made already!

We are so blessed to be here. It wasn’t the holiday we had planned or expected…I’m sure it’ll be so much better!


No man is an island

There are times in our lives when we’re really grateful for the people we have around us and the communities that we’re a part of. Whether these communities are at work, in our neighbourhood, our family or church they all have the same things in common: we enjoy time together, we look out for each other, we celebrate together in the good times and support each other when life is tough.


Today I’m really grateful for the church community we’re a part of. We had fun today enjoying a bbq and watching my daughter play with her friends. It occurred to me today there how blessed I am to have these people in my life. There are people in our church who have helped us on a practical level such as providing meals when our daughter was born and when my husband was in hospital, fixing a leak in our kitchen roof and also helping my husband with DIY in our house. Then when life has been tough there are people who have supported us in prayer, given us encouraging words or simply just given me a hug when it’s been needed. We’ve also shared a lot of fun times together on camping holidays, meals out, summer picnics and Christmas parties.

At the centre of every community is life. Life in all its messiness, perfectness, challenges, trials, sorrows and joys. There’s a saying that ‘No man is an island’. We’re not meant to try and struggle through on our own. For this I am grateful.