My husband the hero!

I came across this Thank You card today whilst I was doing some tidying up and was reminded of when we received it back in January.


The morning began just like any other morning. My husband was up early to take the dog a walk and a few minutes later I would prise myself out of bed before getting a rude awakening of ‘MUMMY!!!!’ being yelled through the baby monitor. I was just getting myself dressed when my husband came upstairs and into the bedroom:

“Are you planning on going into the garage this morning?” he said to me.

I was a little puzzled and said,”Errrr, no! Why would I be doing that?”

“It’s just because if you were, then you should know that there’s a dead cat in one of your Pampered Chef boxes in the garage.”

“A DEAD CAT??!! Why on earth do we have a DEAD CAT in our garage???!?!” It was now looking like my daughter would be getting the rude awakening this morning rather than me after my sudden outburst!

As the story unfolded, Jonathan explained that whilst he was walking the dog he noticed a cat lying in the middle of the road. It was still trying to move and had clearly only just been run over. So he picked it up and left it on the grass verge. On his way back home he went past the cat again to see how it was doing and he realised that unfortunately it hadn’t survived, but he noticed it had a collar with a phone number on it. So he came home for a box, went and collected it and called the phone number on the tag.

I was now feeling a little ashamed about my outburst and realised what a kind thing he had done recognising the poor cat as someone’s beloved pet and not just leaving it carelessly in the side of the road.

The owner’s lived just across the road from us and, although they were clearly upset about the loss of their cat, they were very grateful to my husband for taking the time to call them and let them collect it that morning. (He’d even taken one of our dog’s blankets and covered up the cat to make it look like it was curled up and sleeping all cosy in bed! What a softie!)

A couple of days later we were upstairs bathing our daughter when there was a knock at the door. It was the cat’s owners delivering a Thank You card and some chocolates. I didn’t truly realise the importance of what my husband had done that morning until I read the card:

“Dear Jonathan and family,

We would like to thank you so very much for being there for our beloved cat Sushi in his final moments. We appreciate your kindness of going back for him and contacting us very quickly to let us know what happened.

We let him out every morning at that time and he was always back before we set off to work. We would have been very worried about him if you had not done what you did for Sushi and ourselves.

Thank you once again, 

Fiona and Nic”



All for a bit of dog food!


Why is it that supermarkets are just completely trying to deceive us by trying to make us believe they’re saving us money when they’re clearly just out to line their own pockets!

I went shopping today and needed some dog food for Charlie Dog. My husband had noticed yesterday that they were selling two 12 packs of Pedigree for £12. A decent saving of about 5p a can, I thought, so filled up the trolley and finished the shopping. As I left the supermarket I noticed a big poster advertising the EXACT SAME dog food at £10 for 2 packs of 12. The ONLY DIFFERENCE was that the ones at £12 were double wrapped in extra cellophane. So I went to the  customer service desk to ask for an exchange for exactly the same dog food!!!

Why do the supermarkets do this to us? It’s not the first time I’ve noticed the exact same product being advertised as two different special offers when one offer is clearly cheaper than the other. I’ve seen it for fruit juice, cereal and packets of cold meat. Has anyone else noticed this? How do they get away with it?!


I don’t think Charlie’s too bothered how much her food costs as long as it comes from somewhere! 😉