How to make a pregnant woman jealous!

We’ve just enjoyed a couple of child-free days this week while our daughter went to her grandparent’s for a little holiday. We considered going away ourselves but decided that our time and money would be better spent staying at home getting some jobs done around the house preparing for our next baby’s arrival in a few weeks.

We still managed to get some time together and enjoyed eating out both nights without feeling guilty because we weren’t paying for accommodation as well as lovely meals! The only problem I have with eating out at the moment is that strangely enough at 34 weeks pregnant I have an alcohol craving! It’s not that I’m just simply missing wine whilst being pregnant (I had that when pregnant with my daughter so I know what it feels like) but I am genuinely craving wine, beer, sherry, vodka…. anything with alcohol in it I WANT it!

So you can imagine how difficult it was for me to be sat in a restaurant surrounded by people enjoying wine or beer with their meals, and then to hear my own husband order himself an ale!! To be fair, I can’t expect him not to drink just because I can’t, but it didn’t get any easier when he ordered the ONE thing I wanted on the menu but couldn’t have – the Duck Terrine platter (I could have eaten most of the things on the platter, but the terrine had liver in so there was no point.)

So there I was ‘enjoying’ grilled sea bass washed down with a glass of orange juice sitting opposite my husband digging into a Duck Terrine Platter and local ale.

Duck platter and a local ale

Duck platter and a local ale

Orange juice and Sea Bass...mmmmm?

Orange juice and Sea Bass…mmmmm?


I am literally counting down the weeks and days to when I am allowed a glass of wine… of course when that day comes I’m pretty sure the craving will disappear as soon as Baby appears!


How to clean your windows – mess free and streak free!!


I am ashamed to say that, when faced with the daily chores of cooking, cleaning, washing and running round after a three year old, cleaning the windows has regularly (no… always!) come bottom of my list of things to do. That doesn’t mean I haven’t noticed how filthy they’ve become – it’s inevitable, living on a busy main road with lots of traffic fumes, and having a toddler and dog regularly pressing their noses, mouths (and tongues!) up against the glass. It just means that on a daily basis I choose to ignore the fact that the glass is more translucent than transparent  and try to convince myself that nobody really notices it anyways!

Well, it turns out that when your next door neighbour decides to hire a window cleaner, someone does end up noticing how filthy your windows are! Thankfully he didn’t knock on the door and say, “Hi! I just noticed how filthy your windows are – would you like me to clean them for you?” (Although I wouldn’t have blamed him if he had!) He very politely offered his services to us at a price we couldn’t refuse. I was gobsmacked at the results! I wish I could say the result was clean windows – well, they were on the outside, but I suddenly noticed how dirty they were on the inside!

One of the reasons I’ve been put off cleaning the inside of the windows is because I’ve never had good results in the past. If I tried using ‘Windowlene’ with a dry, clean cloth I would still end up with streaks. Or if I used soapy water and a squeedgy it would always make such a mess.

Recently I’ve discovered the magic of microfibre cloths. When I was first introduced to them I thought they were just another gimmick. They say you can use them with just water and won’t leave any streaks, but do they really? I started using them to wipe down my kitchen counters and noticed how polished my glass hob looked after using them. So I then decided to keep one in the bathroom and see how good they were at keeping the shower screen clean – we have a glass shower screen and started using it every day with brilliant results. So this was when I decided to take the plunge and have a go at cleaning the inside windows with just water and a microfibre cloth. I have to say the results were stunning! There was no mess as I just wrung out the cloth before I started cleaning, and amazingly no streaks either!! I can honestly say we have never had such clean windows since living in this house (I won’t say when we last cleaned them and please don’t ask! ha ha!)

Inevitably minutes after the windows had been cleaned the dog decided to press her nose up against the glass watching my daughter play outside, who in turn ran up to the window pressing her mouth against it and starting ‘blowing raspberries’! :/

Here’s to clean’ish’ windows!


Beat the Monday Blues

One of the things I look forward to most on a Monday is lunchtime. I always make sure there’s a tub of leftover roasted vegetables in the fridge for me.


There are so many things you can do with this treasure tub of deliciousness. You can use it to turn a bland omelette into one fit for the Queen (now there’s a thought…the Queen eating an omelette!) I sometimes heat the veg up and add to some fluffy cous cous. But today I’m going to add my delicious roasted veg to some fresh pasta. Delish!


All for a bit of dog food!


Why is it that supermarkets are just completely trying to deceive us by trying to make us believe they’re saving us money when they’re clearly just out to line their own pockets!

I went shopping today and needed some dog food for Charlie Dog. My husband had noticed yesterday that they were selling two 12 packs of Pedigree for £12. A decent saving of about 5p a can, I thought, so filled up the trolley and finished the shopping. As I left the supermarket I noticed a big poster advertising the EXACT SAME dog food at £10 for 2 packs of 12. The ONLY DIFFERENCE was that the ones at £12 were double wrapped in extra cellophane. So I went to the  customer service desk to ask for an exchange for exactly the same dog food!!!

Why do the supermarkets do this to us? It’s not the first time I’ve noticed the exact same product being advertised as two different special offers when one offer is clearly cheaper than the other. I’ve seen it for fruit juice, cereal and packets of cold meat. Has anyone else noticed this? How do they get away with it?!


I don’t think Charlie’s too bothered how much her food costs as long as it comes from somewhere! 😉


How to make your own easy chocolate pastries.

I absolutely adore these chocolate pastries. They’re perfect as a special Saturday morning treat (or Sunday morning if you don’t go to church!!) and a great way of using up left over puff pastry. They’re  so much cheaper and tastier than buying shop bought chocolate pastries. My daughter  loves helping to make them as they’re so easy to do.

Perfect for using up left over puff pastry.

Perfect for using up left over puff pastry.

Roll out the pastry thinly. Cut into triangles and fill with chopped chocolate. Carefully roll from the large end. Bake on a baking tray for 20 min at 180 degrees Celsius.