21 Days


They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. Now, as I’ve recently been finding, this works for both good AND bad habits.

I’ve been looking round my house and, despite being a naturally very organised, clean and tidy person, I’ve managed to fall into some very bad habits with regards to cleaning (i.e. it’s not getting done any where near as often as it should be!) I’d been trying to work out why this is the case, and I realised that when you’re in a good habit such as doing the dishes straight after tea or straightening¬† up the living room before going to bed, if life throws you a curve ball (gosh, I’m sounding all American) then it’s very easy to fall out of those good habits without realising it.

For me, these curve balls have come in the form of DIY, Summer holidays and blocks of very busy weeks. Once things in the house have got on top of me, I try very hard to get organised again only to find within days that it’s all gone to pot again! Why? Because I’d let things slip for long enough to get out of the good habit of staying on top of things.

So now I’m on the case of putting back into place all those good habits that I once had. I’ve been inspired by some cleaning schedules I’ve found on Pinterest and I liked the way that the cleaning and tidying is organised and spread throughout the week to make it more achievable.


Now, admittedly I have had this cleaning schedule on my fridge for several weeks and not done very much about it! But the reason for this is because I’ve felt like I had to start doing it all at once. BIG mistake when trying to form a good habit! My plan of action now is to focus on one category of task every day and make sure I achieve that… for 21 days (at least!) That way once that habit is in place and I’m doing it automatically I’ll be able to start working on another part of the schedule and forming that into a daily habit…

Well, that’s the plan. Let’s see if it works! Ha ha!


Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!!!

My husband and I seem to be part of the generation of ‘house renovators’. We either can’t seem to afford or can’t bring ourselves to pay for a property that’s already ‘done up’. Therefore we always seem to buy properties that need working on as they seem to be better value for money (I say ‘always’ as if we’re always buying properties – we’re only on our second!)

We’ve been in our current home for four years now, and we’ve recently been refurbishing the hallway. I would like to say that all it needed was a ‘lick of paint’ but after my husband decided to have a go at removing the internal porch door one Saturday morning, and most of the ceiling and wall came crashing down with it – it became a bigger job than we expected!

A familiar sight at our house.

A familiar sight at our house.

I was delighted to see the back of the old hallway carpet too – even thinking about it now I can’t believe I put up with it for so long. It was a pink, shag pile little number and when ripping it up revealed a number of unfortunate stains that I daren’t begin to imagine where they came from!

We got our lovely new carpet a few days before Christmas which was just perfect timing. We considered getting tiling but the cost was too much and the carpet was much more affordable.

The other lovely thing about having the hallway finished is that our daughter can run around freely and gain confidence going up and down the stairs.

After coming home from lunch with my sister on New Year’s Eve, my husband showed me this video clip of how Mairi’s confidence has grown using the stairs….

Why is it that dad’s always want to turn their children into some sort of stunt artists?!?!