The miracle of life

Miracel of life

This evening I was scrolling down my news feed and was delighted to see a picture of friends celebrating the arrival of their little baby boy born today – their fourth child. I shared my excitement with them and carried on scrolling….. The next photo was of a little baby of a friend of a friend also born today. This little boy is fighting for his life. His lungs aren’t working properly and he’s struggling to breath. He lives in Hawaii and has had to be flown to an island miles away from his mummy. His mummy hasn’t even had a chance to hold him yet. My heart went out to them. I was moved to tears and lifted them up in prayer….. As I carried on scrolling I saw a scan picture from a friend who was announcing she is twelve weeks pregnant with her first baby…. The next status was of the excited faces of friends celebrating the arrival of their baby girl born today. I sent my genuine and heartfelt congratulations to both families…. Further down my news feed there was a family celebrating their son’s eighth birthday. This little boy is a miracle child. As a baby he was diagnosed with a very rare brain condition and his parents were told he wouldn’t live past the age of two. He has defied all the odds and is growing up into a strong and healthy young boy…… The very next notification is from another family with a child with the exact same brain condition. Their little girl was also eight when she passed away just a few days ago. The family were thanking people for their condolences and posted a heart-wrenching video celebrating the life of their beautiful little girl….. Life is a miracle, yet it is also fleeting. Today I am counting my blessings and reminded to make the most of every minute of every day.


Port and Stilton


Oh my goodness! My husband is actually drinking Port! His response? ‘It’s not that dissimilar to cough medicine, but tastes a lot better than wine.’ I think I’m going to need to buy him some more Stilton if that’s what gets him to share a bottle with me! 🙂

(Little) Girl Talk (previously known as Toddler Talk!)

10422175_10152863123098628_6408966506118892040_nI’ve had to start renaming these blog posts because at four years old my daughter is most certainly no longer a toddler. Particularly if today’s conversation is anything to go by.

Somehow she had managed to get a hold of my make up bag. I’m normally pretty hot on making sure it’s out of her reach but clearly hadn’t managed today. I was busy feeding my little boy and pretty much spent about 45 minutes coaxing, asking and pleading for her to give it back to me (I’ve seen the state if her toy ‘lipsticks’ and where she applies them, and wasn’t about to let her do the same to mine!!)

Eventually the make up bag was back safely in my hands with only a minimal amount of white eye shadow applied to her forehead and nose. “I just want to make myself beautiful, Mummy.” She says to me as if I was being so unreasonable wanting the make up back. So I explained to her that she has little girl make up she can use (which as soon as she received it, the pastel coloured glossy goo was hastily scooped out and smeared onto every inch of her new doll – everywhere, that is, except where make up is actually meant to be applied. “Mummy, I put make up on her eyebrows and nose because that makes her beautiful.” Uh huh. Yes, whatever you say darling….) and Mummy has grown up make up that she uses, I quickly added so as to confirm the fact that she wasn’t to take it again.

This then lead on to a whole new conversation:

“Mummy, when I a grow nut can I borrow your make up?” (‘Grow nut’ being her word for ‘grown up’ which is a darn site better than a few months ago when ‘grown ups’ were ‘dronuts’!!)

“Of course, darling.” (Little does she know that when she becomes a grow nut, I mean grown up, she won’t want to go anywhere near her boring old mum’s make up!)

“Mummy, when I a grow nut I do lots of things.”

“Yes you will. What like?”

“Like….. I drive a car!”

“Yes, of course you will.” completely shocked at the suddenly sensible ideas that were going through her head.

“I …… could teach children like Daddy.”

“Yes.” suddenly wondering if that’s something I should start to discourage now or a little later in life?!

“I ….. sing songs on the stage at church! Like you, Mummy!”

“That’s a lovely idea, darling.”

“Mummy, what else I do when I a grow nut?”

“Erm, you could buy a house!” with a smile on my face.

“Nooooo, Mummy!” she looks at me like it was the silliest suggestion ever. “Not buy a house, silly! I buy lots of TOYS and PRESENTS!”

Of course, darling, because that’s actually what grow nuts REALLY want to buy if we would just admit it to ourselves!! 🙂