Why I can’t say ‘No’ to my daughter

Thank you Pampered Chef for the 'My Safe Cutter'

Thank you Pampered Chef for the ‘My Safe Cutter’

My daughter loves to ‘help’ me with whatever it is I’m doing. Whether it’s sweeping the kitchen floor, filling in paperwork, hanging out the washing or making tea I’ll always hear those four terrifying words, ‘Mummy, I help you?’ I use the term ‘terrifying’ because they fill me with terror. Obviously she believes she’s ‘helping’ me, but what I actually get is a dirtier floor, toddler scribbles all over passport applications, clean wet washing strewn all over the garden and squashed mushrooms festering in toy kitchen colanders. ‘Help’ from my little girl adds a lot more stress to my day.

However, I just can’t bring myself to say ‘no’ to her. Letting her help makes her feel valued and listened to. In her world she wants to be with Mummy and wants to be like Mummy. It’s something I struggle with because I really can’t understand why she would want to be with me and try to be like me, but it’s simply because I’m Mummy. One day she’ll be much older and the roles will be reversed. I’ll be asking her for help, and if I haven’t said, ‘Yes’ to her when she’s three, what’s to say she’ll say ‘Yes’ to me when she’s thirteen?!

So for now, as I hear those four little words, ‘Mummy, I help you?’ I will continue to take a deep breath and respond, ‘Of course, Darling. Thank you so much for offering!’ 😉


I Yootiful, Mummy!

First day at Pre-School

First day at Pre-School

All parents say their children grow up too quickly. And today I can’t believe that my daughter is moving up to the Pre-School class at her nursery. It can mean only one thing: this time next year….SCHOOL!! (You can’t tell I’m excited can you?!)

My daughter’s speech and sentence structure has naturally become a lot more fluent over the last few months, however I still like to hold onto the little gems she still comes out with now and again because as soon as I correct her that’s it! I’ll never hear her cute little ways of saying things again! 😦

Today as she was getting ready for pre-school she wanted to wear her white flower hair band. She’s had it since she was a baby but it seems to fit her a bit better now :/ After I’d put it on for her she said, ‘See Mummy. I yootiful!’ Yes darling, and not the least bit modest either!! 😀

Another little gem she recently came out with was when were in the car on the motorway. She suddenly said excitedly, ‘Look Mummy! A Boobs wagon!’ WHAT??!! It turns out it was a Booths wagon. The name of one of our supermarkets. ‘Yes Mummy.’ she says. ‘I go to Boobs with Mama (Grandma).’ Hee hee! That made me giggle. 🙂