Naughty Pirates


My daughter loves anything to do with pirates. One of her favourite programmes is called ‘Swashbuckle’ on CBeebies and she gets so excited when ‘Naughty Pirates’ comes on (her name for ‘Swashbuckle’). It’s so much fun watching her watch it as she gets really involved and loves shouting and pointing her finger at the TV saying, ‘Walk the plank! Walk the plank!’

One night as she was singing along to the theme tune as it started, “Hey! Ho! Swashbucklers Go! Take on the pirates, Yo Ho Ho!” I asked my daughter if she was hungry and if she’d like some tea, to which she replied in her fiercest pirate voice and throwing her arm across her chest, “Yes please, Captain Mummy!”

I couldn’t stop giggling!

Her vocabulary really is coming along in leaps an bounds at the moment as you would expect from a three and a half year old, but she does still have some adorable ways of saying some things:

Hula Hoop = Roopa Scoop

Photograph = Picturegraph (makes sense, really!)

And the names of some of her favourite films:

Happy Feet = White Penguin

Monster’s Inc = Green Bear, Blue Bear and Baby

Monster’s University = The Silly One

Cars = Lightning McQueen

Sweetpea Beauty = Pink Pea

Toy Story 2 = Woody, Jessie and Buzz

Toy Story 3 = The Train One

Dispicable Me = The Spitting One (??!?! I still can’t work that one out!)




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