How to make a pregnant woman jealous!

We’ve just enjoyed a couple of child-free days this week while our daughter went to her grandparent’s for a little holiday. We considered going away ourselves but decided that our time and money would be better spent staying at home getting some jobs done around the house preparing for our next baby’s arrival in a few weeks.

We still managed to get some time together and enjoyed eating out both nights without feeling guilty because we weren’t paying for accommodation as well as lovely meals! The only problem I have with eating out at the moment is that strangely enough at 34 weeks pregnant I have an alcohol craving! It’s not that I’m just simply missing wine whilst being pregnant (I had that when pregnant with my daughter so I know what it feels like) but I am genuinely craving wine, beer, sherry, vodka…. anything with alcohol in it I WANT it!

So you can imagine how difficult it was for me to be sat in a restaurant surrounded by people enjoying wine or beer with their meals, and then to hear my own husband order himself an ale!! To be fair, I can’t expect him not to drink just because I can’t, but it didn’t get any easier when he ordered the ONE thing I wanted on the menu but couldn’t have – the Duck Terrine platter (I could have eaten most of the things on the platter, but the terrine had liver in so there was no point.)

So there I was ‘enjoying’ grilled sea bass washed down with a glass of orange juice sitting opposite my husband digging into a Duck Terrine Platter and local ale.

Duck platter and a local ale

Duck platter and a local ale

Orange juice and Sea Bass...mmmmm?

Orange juice and Sea Bass…mmmmm?


I am literally counting down the weeks and days to when I am allowed a glass of wine… of course when that day comes I’m pretty sure the craving will disappear as soon as Baby appears!


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