Toddler Talk


Children say the funniest things, and my daughter is no exception! She seems to be getting funnier and funnier the older she gets and yet she STILL seems to expect me to take her seriously when she says the most ridiculous things! Here are just a few of the more recent conversations I’ve had with her – some hilarious and some adorable:

Mari was having an afternoon of ‘playing up’ proper toddler style – anything I wanted her to do she refused to do and anything I didn’t want her to do she did! Eventually she threw herself onto the sofa feigning crying and whimpering she said to me, “Mairi’s poorly…” I replied sceptically and unimpressed, “Are you poorly, Darling? That’s a shame.” She continued, “Yes, I’m poorly… I neeeeeeeeed medicine!” “I don’t think you do, Sweetheart.” I said… *whimper*whimper*whimper* she continued, “Yes, I do… I need CHOCOLATE medicine…” ….I think you’re confusing Mummy’s medicine with your medicine, Darling!

Chatting to Mairi on the way back from nursery –
Me: Who did you play with today?
Mairi: Play with Lily and Megan but Megan not talk.
Me: Oh, was Megan not talking today?
Mairi: No…
Me: Oh that’s a shame.
Mairi: Yeah, Megan need batteries….
Couldn’t stop laughing!!!!ย 

Mairi had been playing most of the morning with her daddy in her play tent. It was just the cutest and funniest thing. Later in the morning I realised she was back in her play tent but was very quiet. “Are you okay, Darling?” I asked. “Yes, I just tired.” she replied. I thought she actually might be tired as she’d had a busy morning and said affectionately, “Do you need a sleep, Sweetheart?” She started reaching out to me and with her whimpering voice said, “No, I just need sweets.”

Mairi and I were cuddled up on the sofa together watching telly and she was trying so hard to fit on my knee despite my massive baby belly. The baby was wriggling around and kicking seemingly noticing that there wasn’t as much room as normal! I said to Mairi, “Can you feel Baby kicking you?” She replied, “No, Mummy. Baby isn’t kicking me, it’s stroking me!”



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