Daddy’s Sport Relief Challenge


Since yesterday’s post about my husband’s Military Obstacle Course challenge, I realised I hadn’t written about his mini triathlon from a couple of weeks ago. I like to write about things like this more for our own personal family record, but I’m more than happy for others to read too!

Ordinarily when thinking about a triathlon you would think: swim, bike and run – all day; but for some reason this triathlon was: swim, rowing machine and run – and just a mini version. Jonathan wasn’t quite as keen on the rowing machine as he would have been on a bike, but nevertheless he knew that it would be a good challenge leading up to ‘Born Survivor’ and it was all for a good cause too – Sport Relief 2014.

Come on, Daddy! Faster! Faster

Come on, Daddy! Faster! Faster

Mairi was excited about seeing Daddy in a race. We had to pre-warn her that she wouldn’t be doing any swimming. She recognises the local University Sport’s Centre as ‘The Swimming House’ and she absolutely LOVES swimming! So I was continually saying to her at home before leaving that we were going to ‘The Swimming House’ but it’s Daddy’s turn to go swimming and that she would get her turn another day – it seemed to do the trick!

The challenge started with a 400 metre swim. He got ready on the starting line with 5 of his other friends that he trains with every week. He didn’t get the best start but looked strong in the water. I tried to get a video of Mairi cheering him on. She kept saying, “Come on, Daddy!!! Faster! Faster!!” She was so cute and excited about seeing Daddy swim, but as soon as I turned the video on, typically she became camera shy!


Jonathan was third out of the pool, narrowly beaten by one of his friends who does open water swimming and another who is a PE teacher. He wasn’t looking forward to the 2000 metre row, but I think he did really well keeping to his third place position when he’d finished the row to start the 1500 metre run.

Yay! Second place!

Yay! Second place!

He’s been doing a lot of running lately and managed to overtake the open water swimmer taking second place and finishing strongly with a sprint finish. Mairi and I were very proud of him and celebrated by buying some cakes from the Sport Relief cake stall – ironically!!

Well done, Daddy!

Well done, Daddy!




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