Daddy’s Muddy Show – aka ‘Born Survivor 2014’


He’s been working towards it since the new year and for ONCE, I wasn’t nervous about him entering some massive fitness challenge – he’d actually trained for this one and there wasn’t a broken collar bone in sight!!! 🙂


Feeling nervous guys?!

Mairi was very excited about watching Daddy in another race (we watched him come second in a mini triathlon a couple of weeks ago for Sport’s Relief), but the best part about today’s race was that Daddy was going to be getting really muddy! That’s why she called it ‘Daddy’s Muddy Show’ (she likes to put all sorts of ‘shows’ on for us!)


One of four river crossings!



I actually struggled to recognise him at this point and nearly missed the shot!





I wanna come, Daddy!!!

I was really feeling for him and his mates at the beginning of the morning as they seemed a bit nervous about what they’d let themselves in for! However, about halfway through the morning after I’d spent  several hours traipsing through mud from one part of the course to the other chasing after and attempting to entertain a three year old whilst being 33 weeks pregnant, I came to the conclusion that my husband had picked the easier job running the 10K military course and I’d rather switch places!!!




Team effort

A few of the other wives/mums said the same thing as me – so look out for our ‘Girlie’Team next year Born Survivor 2015!!!!! (I’d best get this baby out so I can start training!! :/)


Well done guys!!



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