Big Ouchy!

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On Thursday last week I had a little accident…NO, not the kind of accident my two year old daughter has! I simply stubbed my little toe on the corner of the foot of the sofa. I have to say that it isn’t uncommon for me to stub my toe, or bruise my shin or walk into a cupboard door for that matter. These kind of things unfortunately happen to me quite a lot (and no jokes about female spatial awareness, please!) But this time it really did crunch and it hurt! In my daughter’s words it was a ‘Big ouchy’. I think it’s quite possible that I’ve broken it. My husband seems to think there isn’t any point in going to the hospital as it’s such a little toe and it’ll eventually heal (albeit wonky).

The picture above is not my xray. I simply decided that I wouldn’t subject my readers to a picture of my swollen, purple, painful toe 🙂 (You’re welcome!)


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