No man is an island

There are times in our lives when we’re really grateful for the people we have around us and the communities that we’re a part of. Whether these communities are at work, in our neighbourhood, our family or church they all have the same things in common: we enjoy time together, we look out for each other, we celebrate together in the good times and support each other when life is tough.


Today I’m really grateful for the church community we’re a part of. We had fun today enjoying a bbq and watching my daughter play with her friends. It occurred to me today there how blessed I am to have these people in my life. There are people in our church who have helped us on a practical level such as providing meals when our daughter was born and when my husband was in hospital, fixing a leak in our kitchen roof and also helping my husband with DIY in our house. Then when life has been tough there are people who have supported us in prayer, given us encouraging words or simply just given me a hug when it’s been needed. We’ve also shared a lot of fun times together on camping holidays, meals out, summer picnics and Christmas parties.

At the centre of every community is life. Life in all its messiness, perfectness, challenges, trials, sorrows and joys. There’s a saying that ‘No man is an island’. We’re not meant to try and struggle through on our own. For this I am grateful.



2 thoughts on “No man is an island

  1. What a bright and cheery picture! I love hearing such wonderful communities around the world! Its amazing when a group of people continue to warm hearts on a regular basis! Wonderful blog post!

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