Happy Glampers!


It is nothing short of miraculous that we are finally on holiday! Not only because holidays always seem to be at the bottom of our ‘to do’ lists, but also because we’re so last minute with booking anything I’m stunned we actually managed to find a NICE campsite with availability.


True to form we only started packing this morning for our two week family holiday tour of the UK (okay I’m exaggerating… just Staffordshire, Suffolk and Norfolk!) But we still managed to leave on time! Well, half an hour after we planned to leave which is as close to on time as we tend to get. And we would have been on time if my daughter hadn’t decided to have a wee in the middle of the living  room floor minutes before leaving!

It was a good journey down to our first campsite. I spent most of the time on my mobile trying to find a campsite for the third part of our holiday (I told you we’re last minute! )


When we pulled up to the campsite my daughter was beside herself with excitement seeing all the tents. She’d been counting the sleeps until she was going to get to sleep in our new tent and it was her first time camping.

When we arrived the plan was for Daddy to put up the tent whilst Mummy and daughter went to the play park, but our little ‘helper’ had other ideas!


Spag Bol was on the menu for tonight. ‘Keep it quick, simple, easy but REAL’ is my motto for camping food.


Now that the toddler has finally gone to sleep (two hours later than normal!) I think we’ll start to plan what we want to do in lovely Staffordshire. ..did I just say ‘plan’?!?



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