Screwing it up?

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I saw this quote today and it pretty summed up how I was feeling. No matter what I do as a mummy I always see other mummies doing a much better job (in my mind). I keep thinking I let her watch too much TV, I don’t feed her enough fruit and vegetables and I should be doing more artsy crafty things with her. But the truth is my daughter really is a ‘great kid’!! So maybe I’m not doing too bad a job after all! šŸ™‚


A cheeky glass of white


As a red wine drinker it takes a very hot summer for me to betray my true colour (as in wine colour! ) But with the weather turning into a sizzling summer (at last!) then I’m facing the same problem as I often do at this time of year, how do I keep my white wine cool? Well, at lunch time today (yes, I was having a cheeky glass at lunch time today-we’ve got a summer to celebrate!) My sister mentioned that she’d seen on Pinterest that you can put frozen grapes in your wine to keep it cool. We tried it and it works! Have a go yourself and tell me what you think!

Help! Eighties Costumes!

I know what you’re thinking… “She’s FAR too young to remember the eighties!” It may be difficult to believe as I’m clearly so young looking (!!!!!) but I DO remember the eighties very well (that was me being sarcastic, by the way!) I actually remember having a conversation with my sister when we were kids (in the eighties) about how ‘out of fashion’ seventies clothes were and saying to her (along the lines of) “I can’t ever see us looking back at the eighties as being ‘out of fashion’ as we all dress so normally!” How wrong and naive I was! In fact, I think the eighties was the era of some of the worst fashion disasters!

However, now that I’ve been invited to an Eighties party I’m incredibly excited as there are so many terrible costume ideas to come up with! Should I go punky, preppy, Blondie or ‘Like a Virgin’?!? There are loads of characters from iconic films and TV shows to choose from such as Top Gun, Back to the Future, The A-Team and Miami Vice. Not only that, the Pop Stars of the Eighties give us some very memorable costumes to choose from: Madonna’s ‘Material Girl, Olivia Newton John’s ‘Let’s Get Physical’ and Wham’s…..err….. well, anything George Michael wore was very memorable, wasn’t it?!

So now I have the task of working out what to wear to this Eighties party I’m going to. I’ve come up with three costumes to choose from:

Roller Disco ChickĀ 


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This outfit appeals to me simply for the fact that I get to wear roller boots all night. I haven’t had the chance to wear roller boots since I was about eight years old (being chased by a rotweiller called Kissy, might I add!) The outfit can be adorned by a deluge of illuminose coloured accessories, denim and of course LOTS of eyeshadow and hairspray. The bit im unsure about is how safe I’ll be on my roller boots after several glasses of wine!

Cruella Deville

I thought about this costume when I came across a black and white dress that I really wanted to buy! I was so convinced the Disney version of 101 Dalmations was released in the early eighties as I remember going to see it at the cinema when I was six, but I have since found out that is was released in 1961! So, technically it isn’t an eighties outfit, but at least I’d have an excuse to buy the black and white dress I saw. Ā All I would need for this outfit woukd be a black and white wig, some sort of black and white spotty fur something (like a cape) and of course the cigarette holder and stilleto shoes.

Glenn Close from Fatal AttractionĀ 


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My husband likes this coatume idea as it will really get people thinking and trying to work out who I am (I’m still unsure if that’s a good or bad thing!) Besides getting a blonde wig and floaty white dress, the key part to this costume is the machette (fake, of course) and the pan with a bunny in (bunny boiler) – that should probably give the game away. I’m just not convinced about having to carry those accessories around with me all night!

So, there it is! I need to decide by the end of this week. So please vote by commenting on this post and I’ll make sure I have photos to post of the end result! If you can think of any other costume ideas I’d love to hear them too!