A toddler’s alternative to watching TV

My daughter is a typical child who loves to watch TV, so I’m always trying to think of different ways to occupy and entertain her so she’s not always sat in front of her favourite programmes! Whatever activities I do with her, it’s important for me to make sure they don’t cost too much and are really easy to take out and pack away.

'Stick Stick' a great toddler activity.

‘Stick Stick’ a great toddler activity.

Mairi enjoys using glue (and making a mess with it!) She calls it ‘stick stick’. At first I started buying lots of different crafty things for her to ‘stick’ with, such as sequins, stickers, mini foam shapes etc. but I was finding that it was costing a lot of money for her to play ‘stick stick’ and she was more interested in just playing with the glue rather than producing a piece of artwork. So I decided it would be much cheaper if we just used small bits of torn coloured paper.

I have lots of scrap coloured paper and card that I’ve used for card making.

Scrap card making paper

Scrap card-making paper

I just tear them up quite small. Mairi enjoys this part too! And then I store them in an old butter tub labelled ‘Torn Paper’. That way it’s easy for me to tidy the activity away once she’s finished.



Easy to keep tidy.

Easy to keep tidy.

I then give Mairi a large colouring in book that we bought at a Pound Shop. That way she can enjoy doing her ‘stick stick’ and then do some colouring in too if she wants.



2 thoughts on “A toddler’s alternative to watching TV

  1. That glue stick in the photo – I remember that from when I was a child! Do they still smell terrible? You can’t get that brand here anymore (at least, not in Canada where I live). I can still smell it in my head, haha.

    Great idea, by the way.

    • Ha ha! The glue stick doesn’t smell too bad thankfully! I think they must have a new recipe – it’s also pink but dries clear so you can see where you’ve out the glue (which is pretty cool!) Thanks for the comment!

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