Don’t forget your wellies!

On Sunday afternoon we decided to pop up to Keswick to check out their annual Mountain Festival. The festival lasts for about five days and they have all sorts of organised events such as mountain biking, fell running, canoeing, and marathons. In hindsight it probably wasn’t the most appropriate event to take a toddler to, but we had fun nonetheless.


I liked my husband’s idea that it was ‘just up the road’ and a perfect Sunday afternoon outing. His ‘up the road’ turned out to be up the road, then up a bit more, then up a bit more again until it felt like we were nearly in Scotland!

When we eventually arrived we did the usual potty stop for Mairi before heading into town to see what the festival had to offer. It turned out there were lots of signs advertising the event but no signs telling us where everything was actually happening! So, like little lost sheep, we followed the crowds and discovered a part to Keswick we’d never discovered before. There were a lot of people wearing wellies and I was beginning to feel over dressed in my brand new Gap Jeans and Wrangler boots.

There was a large field right next to Hope Park with lots of covered stalls advertising all sorts of different products and companies that would cater for your outdoors needs. My husband was keen to scour all the stalls to find as many freebies as he could, I on the other hand was much more interested in attempting to keep my lovely clean boots mud free. There had been a lot of rain over the last few days which obviously meant that a field full of people coming and going meant a LOT of mud.

Finding it very difficult to stay mud-free.

Finding it very difficult to stay mud-free.

We vey soon decided to exit the field (Jonathan had only managed to find one measly little frisbee from the YHA as his freebie) and found a tarmac path that lead along the side of Derwent Lake. It was a lovely walk and we were able to cheer on all the marathon runners – I think they’d actually been fell running which is completely bonkers crazy and they deserved every bit of cheering on that we could muster!

Mairi cheering on the marathon runners.

Mairi cheering on the marathon runners.

We couldn’t visit The Lakes without stopping for a cup of tea and cake and visiting a gift shop. In fact, apart from the typical outdoorsy shops that you expect to find in the Lakeland towns, I’m sure the only other shops there are tea shops and gift shops!

Enjoying our tea and cake

Enjoying our tea and cake

Mairi was delighted with her little Gruffalo toy present.

Oh no! It's the Gruffalo!

Oh no! It’s a Gruffalo!

We really did have a lovely afternoon despite not taking part in any of the activities on offer. We’ll certainly be back in a few years when Mairi is old enough to have a go at outdoor adventuring. However, I’ll certainly be taking my wellies next time!!


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