‘She’s only two and a half for such a little while’

It was a chaotic and stressful morning: Early appointment at Doctor’s – LATE! Toddler sleeps in for the first time in a thousand years; toddler refuses to get dressed, then when does get dressed changes her mind about what to wear 375 times; toddler needs a wee, then decides she doesn’t need a wee, then decides she DOES need a wee – repeats this pattern 279 times; get stuck in traffic so drive illegally down the bus lane feeling every eye glaring at me and certain there must be a police car watching me; park a million miles away from the doctor’s surgery; toddler wants to be carried, then wants to walk, then wants to be carried, then wants to walk – repeats this pattern 178 times before choosing to walk but not hold my hand which results in a tantrum by the side of a very busy road; arrive at the surgery and the doctor’s running late (already?!?); discuss ailment with the doctor as toddler removes shoes, socks and scatters cornflakes all over doctors chair and floor; leave surgery embarrassed and bewildered and head for car following a similar pattern to the journey there; manage to get toddler in the car, narrowly avoiding kicking and screaming with the promise of going to a play park…. at some point today!!

I like to change the 'him' to 'her'.

I like to change the ‘him’ to ‘her’.

And yet it’s days like today when I REALLY love being a stay at home mum! (No, really, I do!!) I love the flexibility that each day allows and being able to get out and about doing different things and living mini adventures with my two year old daughter. There’s something freeing about getting out when you know most people are stuck at work doing their 9-5 thing.

Today we had the opportunity to travel north 45 minutes to Bowness on Lake Windermere. It wasn’t quite the random trip that I may be making it out to be. I was ‘working’ as I’d arranged to meet a lady for coffee who is interested in joining my Pampered Chef team.

As we both have two year olds we decided it would be sensible to meet at a soft play centre where the girls could run around freely and we’d actually be able to have a conversation! (Luckily for us , she’d also brought her husband along so the girls had adult supervision too! Bonus!)

It was such a lovely day that after our coffee and play, Mairi and I had a little walk to the Lake to see the ducks and eat our lunch. We saw some gorgeous ducklings and chatted to a lovely elderly gentleman who was on holiday. It was such a warm, quiet and peaceful afternoon.

Sandwiches by Lake Windermere

Sandwiches by Lake Windermere

I know that I won’t always have the opportunity to have moments like these with Mairi. One day (not too far away) she’ll be going to school doing her own 9-5 (I mean ‘3’) thing, so I’ll make the most of our time now.


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