Growing up on her terms!

When I first became a mum I was very confused with the idea of a ‘baby lead’ routine. Having never had a baby before I couldn’t understand how I could ‘listen’ to my baby or ‘read’ the signs of what she needed when my baby couldn’t actually speak to me!!

However, within just a few days Mother Nature’s instinct kicked in and 2 and half years later we have a happy and content toddler who is still changing her routine and deciding when she’s ready to move on to the next stage of development.

Ready for a big girl bed?

Ready for a big girl bed?

After her second birthday I realised that within the next year we would be coming up to two key stages of development – potty training and moving from her cot into a ‘big girl bed’. Both of them filled me with dread and terror. Potty training meant several clothes changes throughout the day, puddles on the floor and little ‘presents’ left behind the sofa only discovered after days of ‘What’s that smell and where’s it coming from?!’

I wasn’t too enthralled about moving Mairi out of her cot either for two reasons. The first being that I liked the safety confines of a cot. Within those four barred walls I was certain there was nothing she shouldn’t have that could harm her and I could therefore sleep easy. Out of the confines of the cot, I then had the entire room to ensure was completely free of anything hazardous AND ensure she couldn’t get out of the room – this for me meant sleepless nights and constantly checking on her throughout the night.


Are you sure she doesn’t need safety rails?!

The second reason was because Mairi’s room, although beautifully decorated months ago, had become the room where everything went before making it’s way to the loft – aka: The Dumping Room. So, if Mairi was to move out of her cot it meant spending days sorting through all the rubbish and clearing up.

I decided that the potty training would be less time consuming and decided to begin in earnest come February half term. But, like I said, children grow up on THEIR terms, not when Mum and Dad decide! So it was, days before I was to begin potty training, Mairi decided that she didn’t want to sleep in her cot but wanted to sleep in the ‘white bed’ (the double bed in her room reserved for guests but piled high with loft clutter.)

It was useless and unnecessary to refuse her request. Although we didn’t move her to the ‘white bed’ it was her way of saying, ‘Mummy and Daddy, can’t you please clear up this room and get me a proper bed to sleep in?!’

So, the clear up began and Mairi got her ‘Big girl bed.’ The potty training has also started, but again, on HER terms!


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