How to clean your Stoneware

I often have people say to me one of the best things about their Pampered Chef stoneware is that they don’t have to clean it! Well, that is only partially true. Follow these tips to get the best out of your stoneware.

1. Allow your stoneware to cool down to room temperature before cleaning. If you place it in cold water whilst it’s still hot you’ll subject it to thermal shock which can cause it to crack.

2. Scrape any stuck on pieces of food with the nylon pan scraper. The brilliant thing about the Pampered Chef Stoneware is it’s natural non stick surface. However, at times some small pieces of food can stick a little. These can be easily removed with the nylon pan scraper that comes with your stoneware, or if you don’t have one you can easily use an old credit card!

3. Rinse with warm water. I often use a sponge to wipe out my stoneware whilst running it under warm water. A cloth would work in the same way.

4. Towel dry and store. It’s always a good idea to put your stoneware away after cleaning to keep it safe and avoid any accidents!


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