Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!!!

My husband and I seem to be part of the generation of ‘house renovators’. We either can’t seem to afford or can’t bring ourselves to pay for a property that’s already ‘done up’. Therefore we always seem to buy properties that need working on as they seem to be better value for money (I say ‘always’ as if we’re always buying properties – we’re only on our second!)

We’ve been in our current home for four years now, and we’ve recently been refurbishing the hallway. I would like to say that all it needed was a ‘lick of paint’ but after my husband decided to have a go at removing the internal porch door one Saturday morning, and most of the ceiling and wall came crashing down with it – it became a bigger job than we expected!

A familiar sight at our house.

A familiar sight at our house.

I was delighted to see the back of the old hallway carpet too – even thinking about it now I can’t believe I put up with it for so long. It was a pink, shag pile little number and when ripping it up revealed a number of unfortunate stains that I daren’t begin to imagine where they came from!

We got our lovely new carpet a few days before Christmas which was just perfect timing. We considered getting tiling but the cost was too much and the carpet was much more affordable.

The other lovely thing about having the hallway finished is that our daughter can run around freely and gain confidence going up and down the stairs.

After coming home from lunch with my sister on New Year’s Eve, my husband showed me this video clip of how Mairi’s confidence has grown using the stairs….

Why is it that dad’s always want to turn their children into some sort of stunt artists?!?!


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