This is me

I really like this photo because it’s one of those photos that captures reality – Mummy with coffee, Toddler with cake, Dog trying to steal the cake and all surrounded by mess.

I had no idea my husband had included me in the photo (I thought he was just capturing our daughter with her cake), so it’s reassuring to see I’m smiling! It was taken on a Saturday morning whilst I’m enjoying a rare cup of coffee (decaf!) and my daughter is nibbling away on some chocolate brioche (she calls it cake!)


The smile on my face also reassures me that I’m comfortable with the mess that’s surrounding me – I so often get stressed about the mess in my house, but I’m learning to not be so hard on myself because the reality is I have a two year old who creates a lot of mess!

I feel the need to add that my sister was also in the kitchen at the time – I’m not just randomly smiling at an empty corner of the kitchen (now that would be worrying!!)


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