No, Mummy, Mix!

One of the funniest things I see my two year old daughter do are the things that she’s copied from me. Simple things like flapping her clothes or dolls blankets in the air like I do with washing straight from the drier or the line.

Big girl with Mummy's shoes on

Big girl wearing Mummy’s shoes

One of the first times I realised she was watching me was when she only about 13 months old. I got out one of my saucepans and a wooden spoon and banged it for her like a drum. She looked at me with a puzzled face and said, “No, Mummy! Mix!” and then proceeded to stir some imaginary food in the saucepan.

No, Mummy, mix!

No, Mummy, mix!

On one hand I’m almost flattered that she wants to be like me. But on the other hand, knowing that Mairi is watching everything I do and say as an example for herself to follow, has really made me think twice about what I say and do and how I react (or overreact!) in certain situations.

It reminded me of something I saw on facebook:


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