Supermarket Cheese?!?

Lancaster Food and Drink Festival is held every year during May Bank Holiday weekend. It’s a wonderful collection of locally produced food and drink with plenty of free samples to try.

There was lots of fun for children too. Mairi was completely bewitched by the gorgeous Shire Horses.
mairi and horse
I was there as an exhibitor but arrived early with Jonathan and Mairi to enjoy the festival together before taking my turn manning The Pampered Chef stall.

It was obvious early on where each of our food loyalties lay when I was off finding all the cheese and alcohol stalls, whilst Jonathan was distracted by the scent of the BBQ food on offer!

I was completely blown away by the varieties of different cheeses displayed. They ranged from the traditional Cheddar to the most bizarre Sticky Toffee Pudding cheese!

It was whilst at one of the cheese stalls I fell into conversation with the stall holder and  a couple of other customers. We were all wowing over how beautifully creamy and yet rich his mature cheddar was. I was completely blown away with it and remarked, “It really doesn’t compare to supermarket cheese, does it?” The look on the stall holders face said it all, and I wanted to shrink down to the size of an ant and run away! To even mention the ‘plastic’ product that supermarkets have the cheek to call ‘cheese’ was clearly some sort of cardinal sin!

Thankfully the other customer was much nicer and chatted to me for a little bit about my Pampered Chef stall, to which I soon retreated and felt a little safer!

Note to self: ALWAYS think, considering social context and audience, before you speak!

pampered chef stall

My safe haven!


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