Ice cream in the park

Whilst I sit here with the wind howling outside and the rain battering on the windows, I question whether or not yesterday’s gloriously sunny day in the park was simply my imagination. I then remind myself that I live in the UK and manic depressive weather is simply part of the deal living here.


We’ve had a couple of beautifully sunny days in a row, but it’s interesting watching what people are wearing when the sun pays us a surprise visit. There are those people who either simply haven’t noticed or believe they’re imagining the sun as they continue to wander round in their heavy winter coat and sturdy boots; sweat dripping off their foreheads which they think must be another rain shower!

Then there are those people who seemed to have turned into umpa lumpas overnight, and flash every inch of their orange skin to the rest of the world whilst only just managing cover up their most private areas.

It’s no wonder we’re so confused when sunshine doesn’t necessarily mean warmth in this country! So it was with uncertainty that I picked out Mairi’s clothes for the day. I decided to strike a happy medium with leaving the vest, but putting a tee shirt on under her dress incase it was a bit chilly. I also packed her swimming things as there is a splash park there, and there was a possibility it might be warm enough to get wet!

As it turned out, the weather was gloriously sunny and warm. We enjoyed a picnic, playing  football ‘toddler style’ and riding on the tractors and bikes.

Toddler Style Football

Toddler Style Football

We couldn’t spend a sunny morning in the park without ice cream, so I got some for Mairi and I to share. As it turned out, Mairi ate ALL of it as I was distracted by her little friend saying, ‘Aunty Heather come play!…. Aunty Heather come play!…”

It was coming up to Mairi’s nap time when we decided to go home, but Mairi was insistent that we couldn’t leave without going to, “Play in wawer! Mairi play in wawer! Mairi hat wet!” I couldn’t believe that she was remembering the ONE time last summer that we went to the splash park and she got her hat wet.

Last year's sun

Last year’s sun

One year later and the sun's back!

One year later and the sun’s back!

So we stayed for another hour and went to play in the splash park. She had a great time but I realised it was time to go home when she was stood ‘staring into space’ and shivering – she was ready for a nap!

And it’s just as well we did the splash park yesterday as it could well be another year until it’s warm enough to go again!


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