Say hello to the star!

It’s taken a few months for me to pluck up the courage to start potty training Mairi. She’s been showing the ‘signs’ that she’s been capable of it since she was 18 months, but it’s taken much longer for me to feel capable of training her!


So now, at two and half (Mairi, not me!) I’ve taken the plunge and gone for it.

I wanted to thoroughly research potty training so that I felt I was doing it ‘properly’. That was when I came across ‘My Wee Friend‘. It’s a company started by a mother of 6 and now a grandmother of 12.

My Wee Friend‘ are stickers that you can put at the bottom of the potty and a smiley face appears when the toddler has a wee. Using this sticker has been fantastic in potty training Mairi. She’s so excited to say hello to the star smiley face that she’s desperately trying to peer through her legs to the bottom of the potty whilst she’s still having a wee!

I started potty training Mairi a couple of days before the stickers arrived and began using chocolate to tempt her on to the potty. But as soon as these fantastic stickers arrived she’s almost completely forgotten about the chocolate (which means more chocolate for Mummy!)

You can find the stickers here:


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