Birthing of a blog

I’m very excited to be writing my very first post of my new blog. I had hoped to ‘birth’ this blog on my thirty third birthday, but as it’s taken about three days to figure out a name for my blog I’m unfortunately a day late on that score!

It was surprisingly agonising to choose a name for my blog. It was almost as important to me as naming a child. Maybe because my purpose for this blog was to write an account of our family life then it is a bit like a second child to me.


I felt like the name needed to express a part of me and my family and yet be simply put. We live in Morecambe Bay which in my opinion is one of the most beautiful parts of the UK. The view across the bay transports you to the stunning Lakeland Hills, and the beauty and tranquility that the Lakes encapsulates.

The word ‘tiptoe’ is one of my daughter’s new favourite words. It’s a common occurance in our home to hear, “Mummy! Tee toe!” and see Mairi giggling through the kitchen on her tiptoes. (It can also be confusing as her word for ‘tiptoe’ is the same as ‘tomato’ and ‘potato’!) Yet it felt special to choose a word that will always bring that image to mind no matter how many years down the line I’ll be writing this blog.


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